Systematic Power Tools for Your Success

Eleven Motivational Power Tools to Create your SURVIVOR POWER TOOL KIT that will keep you on track to success!

… for executives who feel stuck and want to move forward

… manufacturing establishments with difficult operations strategies who believe that the power lies with their employees and the belief that offering employees an opportunity to improve themselves will actually improve the company’s productivity and bottom line.

…business who want to increase their bottom line.

 You have no competition if you believe in yourself

  • Believe in Yourself and Increase your Self-worth
  • Learn to be a more skillful leader
  • Crystallize and fine-tune your thinking
  • Build better rapport with those around you
  • Discover what is keeping you from moving forward in life
  • Learn to have more time for the things you want
  • Increase prospecting techniques
  • Discover the questions to ask that will reveal your client’s desires
  • Turn more prospects into clients
  • Increase your net worth.




We are all survivors of something:

  • Dysfunctional family environment
  • A bad marriage
  • The childhood bully
  • Physical abuse
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Condemnation


No matter what we are surviving we all have been conditioned by subliminal messaging from a very early age and it continues today because we have not yet learned to turn it off. We have not yet learned the art of positive thinking!

By the very subliminal negative conditioning we received we seldom recognize what to accept as abuse today.

We are brought into this world usually to parents who are children themselves. Your parents had yet to experience their world and had not yet learned the skills they needed to survive in their world; and they are parenting us?

Humans thrive on negative messaging. Why, just turn on your favorite news channel and what do you hear? Who has been shot, the war here and there, beheadings…why do we not hear about things that make us happy? Because we would not listen to it! We have been programmed to accept negative input!

And from the earliest age we heard these subliminal messages of negativity and it stays with us to the end unless we, someday wake up and say enough is enough. I am tired of all this negative stuff in my life and I am going to do something about it.

I will never have a bad day again, never! Something bad may happen to me during a day but I will not allow that to upset my happy day. I am in complete control of my happiness, no one else, present or in the past.

I will learn how to rid myself of all the negatives in my life and lead the life I choose to live, one of happiness, prosperity and, success.

Rid yourself of the shackles of your past! Be the person you want to be not the person someone else wants you to be. Be in charge of you! Stop being bullied!

We all have had subliminally planted in us someone else’s idea of whom we should be. We go along day after day trying to please someone else of their idea of who we should be.

We need to bring forward from the past these negative ideas and look at them in the context of today and rid ourselves of these negative truths subliminally implanted in us.

It is time for you to take charge of your life and succeed at whatever it is that you want to do!

The Motivational Power Tools will give you the tools and the strength you need to create your Motivational Power Tool Kit. In this kit will be the tools you need for success.

The Survivor Power Tools Workshop will walk you through step by step each Motivational Power Tools and how you use them for your success.

The workshop recognizes your individuality. You will learn to trust that you are very different for someone else and that you are quite unique in this world.

You will build the Survivor Power Tool Kit that is right for you and your success!




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