Motivational Power Tools Workshop


A systematic tool that will keep you on track to success!

… for executives who feel stuck and want to move forward

… manufacturing establishments with difficult operations strategies who believe that the power lies with their employees and the belief that offering employees an opportunity to improve themselves will actually improve the company’s productivity and bottom line.

…business that want to increase their bottom line.


Motivational Power Tools for Success

Presented by:

Business Services of Tampa Bay, LLC

The Motivational Power Tools Workshop is offered to Executives, Managers, Line Managers or individuals who feel they would benefit from being more self-actualized, increase their self-worth, be a better team player or, to increase their personal or business productivity.

Our team members will conduct interactive presentations over a twelve week period, one-and-a half hours per day, one day per week.

Between periods, attendees will receive assignments based on the current week’s discussion.

Attendees are encouraged to participate and share their opinions on any or all of the Motivational Power Tools as they feel the Power Tools will affect themselves or those they interact with.

The Motivational Power Tools rely on Logic without subjective or personal emotions to be successful. This foundation has lead to many lively interactions.

We are very serious about how our Motivational Power Tools will impact everyone’s life who participates in our Workshops however, we encourage and expect every participant to have fun throughout the process!

Workshops are conducted with eight to ten participants or, at a company’s discretion. 

The outcome of the twelve week Workshop will depend on each person’s participation and commitment to increase and ignite their Self-Esteem. Increase their Self-Worth and, their personal commitment to build Success!


Personal commitment of a participant will insure SUCCESS!

Motivational Power Tools associated with the Survivor Power Tool Kit:

  • The motivational power tool of CHOICE
  • The motivational power tool of Visualization
  • The motivational power tool of Affirmations
  • The motivational power tool of Reinforcement
  • The motivational power tool of Change
  • The motivational power tool of Self-Trust
  • The motivational power tool of Goal Setting
  • The motivational power tool of Commitment
  • The Motivational Power Tool of Self-Discipline
  • The motivational power tool of Discover
  • The motivational power tool of Courage


There are no secrets in this world it’s simply a matter of discovery.

Ultimately, you will reach your SUCCESS in life, courageously!




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