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Who Sleeps in your Skin?
Who Sleeps in your Skin?

In 2008 “Who Sleeps in your Skin?” was published by the author Nicholas R. De Stefano.

In this self-help book, Mr. De Stefano provided a tool kit for his readers which included the tools to assist one to move forward in life confidently. The intention was for a reader to take from these tools what would work for them in their daily life providing the foundation and confidence for their success.

What was missing in the book was instructions on how to use the tools in the tool kit. Do we write another book with instructions on how to use these tools? Will a book provide the feel and logical instructions that could eliminate subjective or emotional thinking? And, if so, would a reader be bored with the factual and cold logic necessary to establish objectives?

It became apparent that to provide operational instructions by themselves, would not be of much assistance to a reader to create the foundation and understanding needed for their success. Practical and logical formatting is necessary to provide the true feel and to experience the awesome power of these tools!

The power of these tools are so great that it was decided to provide this website to provide much more information in word and video formatting that could provide a reader with the valuable information to move forward in their lives, providing the very foundation most people need to launch their success in life!

Furthermore, we decided to bring the power of these awesome tools directly to those who would like to participate in an informal setting to discuss these Motivational Power Tools, the logic behind them, and to interact with other participants to not only have an exchange of ideas but the interaction with others will add value in a fun learning format. We think this process to be the most powerful of any tool that one may participate to change their lives by crystallizing ones thinking.

Whether you are a public servant,  employee of a business, a business owner or you are an individual seeking to better themselves on the global stage of  opportunity and prosperity, by participating in a Survivor power Tools-Motivational Tools Workshop you will understand the power of the Motivational Power Tools and the impact they will have on your life, moving forward!

We ask that you consider participating in a workshop that will change your life forever, by providing you with the necessary foundation to Excite your INNER PASSION and IGNITE YOUR SELF-ESTEEM, INCREASE YOUR SELF-WORTH, and build your SUCCESS!

We look forward to your participation in one of our Workshops, soon!




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